‘If you’re not working with a human, you’re dead’: What happens when humans lose the ability to act independently

Posted December 04, 2018 07:04:52A few months ago, we were all wondering whether the human body is designed to be able to act autonomously or not.The answer was obvious, it was designed to do that and it was built with […]

What You Need to Know About The Next ‘Sophos’ Show (And Why It’s Being Canceled)

This article first appeared on MTV News.Subscribe here.Subscribe now to get the best of MTV News delivered to your inbox each morning. Sophia’s “Punk Rock” was the buzzy, provocative, and wildly popular comedy show that made the network a household name.And […]

Senate Democrats to introduce bill to ban use of social media in campaign coverage

Senate Democrats on Thursday introduced a bill to make it a felony for political candidates to use social media to promote themselves or to promote their candidates.The bill would make it illegal for a candidate to use any of the […]

How to fix central heating issues with your central heating system

A new issue affecting thousands of homes is causing central heating to be shut off in several major US cities.Sophos and HVAC contractor Enermax have announced that all central heating systems in the United States will be shut down on […]