‘Gotham’ central issue: New season premiere in New York, new characters, new city

In the summer of 2018, Gotham Central aired a special episode of its weekly show Gotham Underground, titled “Gothams” (Gothamerica).The episode featured the city’s first and only female detective, Barbara Gordon, and introduced a number of new characters including the […]

How to use the #ClevelandClevelands Twitter to talk about Cleveland Central Lines issues

A few weeks ago, the #clevelandcalls subreddit had a thread discussing what issues the area needs.Within that thread, the user asked a simple question: “What’s the #CLECALL on?”.This simple question was met with a few simple answers: #CLEPOWER, #CLELEVEL, #CALLBACK.But […]

Gotham Central issues warning after ‘super-villains’ are discovered

Gotham Central has issued a warning about “super-Villains” lurking in its streets, after the city received several reports of a series of “supervillains” making off with coins and other items, including an ancient Roman artifact.“Super-villain” has become a catchphrase of […]

‘No one is safe’: A look at the city’s homeless crisis

“There’s no one safe,” she said.“There are no safe spaces in this city, and that is not good.”The city has spent millions on homeless services in recent years, including the installation of dozens of temporary shelters and outreach programs, but […]