How to handle the COVID-19 crisis in the Central Valley

By Matt JohnsonAssociated PressA group of lawyers and academics is arguing that the California courts should ignore a federal court ruling that the Central California Earthquake Insurance Program must reimburse homeowners and businesses who were injured by the quake.The suit, […]

Hacker News: This year’s central issue meaning for the next few months

Hacker News is an online community that lets people share their own ideas, share knowledge and share their favorite stories.For years, it has been the go-to source for the world’s most popular and most valuable content.That changed this year.In fact, […]

What you need to know about chipotle’s ‘battery issues’

A report issued Friday by the U.S. Department of Agriculture says the California-based fast-casual restaurant chain’s supply chain was not up to code when a battery was overheating at its restaurant in the San Bernardino County, California, area in September.The […]

‘It’s just a question of time’: MP regs continue to be debated

An independent report has warned that a lack of coordination is causing problems for the federal government.Key points:The Senate’s Committee on Federal Relations (CFR) has been tasked with looking at issues like centralization and the ability of the Parliament to […]