What you need to know about the legal side of VR: what you need for the best experience

The Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR all have some of the best, most impressive visuals of any virtual reality system currently on the market, and now the industry is seeing that success mirrored in the courts.The high-stakes legal […]

Security experts discuss how hackers and data breaches affect businesses, businesses in general

7:55AM ET Tue, 13 Oct 2018 | 00:47:14The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has announced that it has been conducting “security reviews” of the software that runs most of the US Government’s computer networks, including those that handle sensitive information.The […]

How to get to court if you’re a local law enforcement officer

The United States Supreme Court has given its blessing to the state of Florida to start issuing warrantless search warrants to search homes and businesses under the guise of law enforcement.The justices unanimously voted 3-2 in June to strike down […]

‘The Muppets’ creator and star Adam West speaks about ‘The Case of the Missing Man’

The Muppett Center for the Performing Arts has named “The Case Of The Missing Man” as one of the top three films nominated for an Academy Award for best picture.The film, which stars Adam West, received the Academy Award nomination […]

How to handle the COVID-19 crisis in the Central Valley

By Matt JohnsonAssociated PressA group of lawyers and academics is arguing that the California courts should ignore a federal court ruling that the Central California Earthquake Insurance Program must reimburse homeowners and businesses who were injured by the quake.The suit, […]

New legal challenges to central bank issued notes: Legal challenges move ahead

NEW YORK — A federal judge in New York has dismissed a lawsuit filed by a woman who alleged she was pressured into a false confession by the Central Bank of Kenya, saying the alleged coercion was not criminal.In a […]

How to protect yourself from chipotle’s central coast-related issues

If you are a chipotle customer in the central coast, then you are in for a rude awakening when the chain is set to roll out its latest Central Coast-specific security measure.Chipotle announced Monday that it has introduced a new, […]