Why Is There Still a Problem with the $US300 billion Bitcoin Exchange Market?

Central banks around the world have been working to combat the risk posed by virtual currencies.And, as such, they have become the most important player in the virtual currency markets.In March 2017, the Bank of Japan issued an executive order […]

The 10 Most Important Things You Need to Know About Central Issues Around the World

As we head into the holidays, it’s important to know what’s central to our global community.But when it comes to our health, how do we ensure that we’re taking our global efforts to the next level?Here’s what we need to […]

‘Not all of these’ are white: ‘I have to find a way to explain’ why people are angry

As the president faces backlash over his decision to cancel a rally in Chicago, many in the country are wondering if his policies on race and policing are resonating.Politico reported Monday that “there are few, if any, signs” that President […]

Why does a $2 billion central Queensland dam need a new design?

The Queensland Government is facing criticism after announcing the construction of a $1.9 billion Central Queensland hydroelectric dam.The decision was prompted by the need for a new dam after the devastating 2014 Burdekin River flood, which killed more than 200 […]

When will we see the end of the “centralism” that drove our country to the brink of civil war?

I was in New York City when I first learned that I would become the first woman in the history of the US to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, but I don’t think I could have imagined a future […]

How to fix central heating issues with your central heating system

A new issue affecting thousands of homes is causing central heating to be shut off in several major US cities.Sophos and HVAC contractor Enermax have announced that all central heating systems in the United States will be shut down on […]