How to respond to the Central African Republic crisis

A senior U.S. official said the U.N. Security Council is likely to adopt a resolution on Tuesday urging a “full and complete” investigation of the killings of civilians by security forces in the Central Africa Republic, the first such resolution […]

Chipotle, Central Issue, Issues Manager on Central Ethics Issues

Chipotle announced that it will not accept any more of the central ethical issues that have been the focus of the company’s internal ethics investigations.The company announced the decision in a blog post Friday.“As a result, we have decided not […]

Central issue supervisor: I have no time for ‘mild’ police criticism

The Central Issue Supervisor (COS) is the official person in charge of investigating complaints against police.But a new investigation by News24 has revealed some of the complaints made against police are simply baseless.The Central Issue Review Board has been set […]

Bitcoin Cash – the Bitcoin Cash fork – is not a fork

Central authority issues central authority issue,central authority supervisor,centrality supervisor,Central authority supervisor (cointalk) central authority,central authorities,central agency,central,agency,agency central,agency authority source Cryptocurrency News title Why is Bitcoin Cash (BCH) not a Fork of Bitcoin?article Bitcoin Cash (Bitcoin Cash) is not an official […]

When the Supreme Court decides whether to take up the case of a young woman in Pennsylvania, we need to get a sense of what it means

The Supreme Court is considering whether to hear a case challenging the constitutionality of Pennsylvania’s “stand your ground” law.The decision will affect how many people in the country will be able to carry guns openly.The court is considering the constitution […]