A&F: The Big Three: How a three-part series of documentaries led to the CIA’s decision to shut down the Central Intelligence Agency

By The Associated Press – Updated May 19, 2018 09:10:23Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has defended his decision to not inform Congress about a controversial CIA review of the agency’s surveillance programs.Clapper spoke Thursday at the Association of the […]

What’s the big deal about the Central Dramatic Issue Facility (CDPF)?

When the Centre for Science and Environment released its latest climate change report, the central dramatic issue was missing.But that’s no problem for the organisation that’s trying to raise awareness about the devastating impact of climate change.It’s a great opportunity […]

How to get to court if you’re a local law enforcement officer

The United States Supreme Court has given its blessing to the state of Florida to start issuing warrantless search warrants to search homes and businesses under the guise of law enforcement.The justices unanimously voted 3-2 in June to strike down […]

When does the Central Park Conservancy issue its “central issue” facility?

New York City Parks and Recreation announced Tuesday that the Conservancy will hold its first public event since it opened the Central, the park’s newest facility, on Thursday.“We’re thrilled to bring you the inaugural event of the ‘Central Issue’ program,” […]