How to use this free tool to identify central line issues in your WordPress site

An article about how to use an automated script to identify and prioritize issues central to your WordPress theme, or in other words, issues that aren’t properly marked as central.I used this feature to identify some issues that were not […]

Meet the ‘Mapping The Brain’ project that will change how you think about coding

A team of researchers from MIT and MIT Media Lab has developed a new tool to make it easier to learn and use coding.The tool is called Map the Brain, and it’s based on a dataset of more than 20 […]

‘It’s just a question of time’: MP regs continue to be debated

An independent report has warned that a lack of coordination is causing problems for the federal government.Key points:The Senate’s Committee on Federal Relations (CFR) has been tasked with looking at issues like centralization and the ability of the Parliament to […]