Ireland’s central heat system ‘critical’ for safety and stability

An internal Irish government report has confirmed that central heating systems in Ireland have been deemed ‘critical for the safety and security of the population’.The report by the National Heat and Power Authority, which was issued on Wednesday, said there […]

How to get to court if you’re a local law enforcement officer

The United States Supreme Court has given its blessing to the state of Florida to start issuing warrantless search warrants to search homes and businesses under the guise of law enforcement.The justices unanimously voted 3-2 in June to strike down […]

Chipotle, Central Issue, Issues Manager on Central Ethics Issues

Chipotle announced that it will not accept any more of the central ethical issues that have been the focus of the company’s internal ethics investigations.The company announced the decision in a blog post Friday.“As a result, we have decided not […]

Senate Democrats to introduce bill to ban use of social media in campaign coverage

Senate Democrats on Thursday introduced a bill to make it a felony for political candidates to use social media to promote themselves or to promote their candidates.The bill would make it illegal for a candidate to use any of the […]

NSW police investigating new ‘punch and drag’ incident involving children

NSW police have opened an investigation into a new “punch” and “drag” incident involving a 14-year-old girl who was hit with a metal bar at an Acacia Parade cafe in December.In a statement released on Friday, Detective Superintendent Chris Gee […]