What You Need to Know About The Next ‘Sophos’ Show (And Why It’s Being Canceled)

This article first appeared on MTV News.Subscribe here.Subscribe now to get the best of MTV News delivered to your inbox each morning. Sophia’s “Punk Rock” was the buzzy, provocative, and wildly popular comedy show that made the network a household name.And […]

You can buy a $2,000,000 house in Australia but it won’t sell until the economy improves

You can purchase a $1 million house in the US, but you won’t be able to buy a house until the country starts recovering from the Great Recession.Key points:The average house price in Australia is now $1.7 millionUS house prices […]

The best and worst of ‘The Middle,’ a new HBO documentary series

HBO has picked up a project that’s set to become a hit with critics and audiences alike: The Middle.The project, which was recently picked up for two seasons in the US, will take the story of the middle class through […]