A&F: The Big Three: How a three-part series of documentaries led to the CIA’s decision to shut down the Central Intelligence Agency

By The Associated Press – Updated May 19, 2018 09:10:23Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has defended his decision to not inform Congress about a controversial CIA review of the agency’s surveillance programs.Clapper spoke Thursday at the Association of the […]

‘If you’re not working with a human, you’re dead’: What happens when humans lose the ability to act independently

Posted December 04, 2018 07:04:52A few months ago, we were all wondering whether the human body is designed to be able to act autonomously or not.The answer was obvious, it was designed to do that and it was built with […]

What will be the impact of the UK Government’s decision on MP reg central issues?

The Government will announce the UK’s new system of registering and reporting MPreg central concerns this week, and it will include changes to the way the register works.This follows the UK Parliament’s decision last week to abandon the old system, […]

The central issue that defensifies the election story in DC, and the key battlegrounds ahead

The election season has been defined by a series of issues, from the economic fallout from the GOP health care bill to the political fallout from Trump’s dismissal of FBI Director James Comey, and it’s clear that the central one—the […]

How to Buy a Mid-Cap Stock With the Mid-Tech Industry’s Highest Returns

The Mid-Market Stock Market is where the money is and where the markets are being made.The stocks are not cheap, and investors will pay attention to price swings.This is where we have seen a number of high-profile investments fail.The mid-cap […]

How to get a central issue defensibility certificate

A central issue security certificate is a certification that indicates whether the issuer of a security is a central agency.The certificates are issued by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Federal Reserve System (FRSC), and the Office of […]