Which of the following is the most important issue in central valley?

As we head into the season finale, we’re going to take a look at what issues are central to the Central Valley.

Here’s a look:1.

How can I support the Central River Valley in 2019?2.

How will the Central valley respond to climate change?3.

What is the role of the Central Water Authority?4.

How does the Central water district protect the river?5.

What are the water issues affecting our water supply?6.

What will the impact be on my home?7.

What do I need to know before I decide to go out and buy water?8.

What kinds of activities are prohibited in my water supply area?9.

How do I know if my water is safe to drink?10.

What can I do to help the Central California Water Authority, or the Central Lake Authority, continue to function?11.

What happens to my property if my property is removed?12.

What if my home is demolished?13.

What should I do if I find water pollution in my community?14.

What else is being done to address the Central Basin?15.

What impact will the drought have on my community if it continues?16.

How long can I keep drinking water?17.

What other issues can I expect in the Central West?18.

What types of issues can be resolved with a new water supply agreement?19.

What resources are required to sustain the water supply in the valley?20.

What type of support and resources are needed for the Central East?21.

What kind of infrastructure can be constructed to help reduce water consumption?22.

What level of funding is needed to address water issues in the Valley?23.

What impacts will this drought have if it doesn’t subside?