U.S. Central Command warns of possible North Korean nuclear weapons test

U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres said the United States was aware of possible military action against North Korea following its latest test of its hydrogen bomb, the Associated Press reports.

The United States and the U.K. have both declared an emergency.

Guterres told reporters after meeting with U.L.

K’s Prime Minister Joseph Muscat in Brussels, Belgium, that the crisis was “a global threat” and the two governments had a “special responsibility to help the people of North Korea”.

“There are reports of hydrogen bombs being detonated by North Korea, and there are reports that North Korea has conducted nuclear tests and ballistic missile launches, but we can’t say for sure,” Guterrez said.

North Korea has yet to respond to Muscat’s warnings and Muscat has said he will continue to speak with Kim Jong Un until he takes concrete steps to stop the testing.

“The United States will continue the discussion and consultations with our partners and allies to achieve our common objective of denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula and ending the threat posed by North Korean aggression,” Muscat said.

“We have made clear our desire to work together and to ensure that any military action will be undertaken in a responsible way, based on the United Nations Security Council’s resolutions.”

Muscat told reporters the United Kingdom had also warned Muscat that it would not “go it alone” on the crisis, saying “it is our duty to work with the U (United Nations) and with our allies, and not to abandon the global community”.

The United Kingdom is one of the six permanent members of the United Nation Security Council, which is a forum for resolving conflicts.

The United Nations says North Korea is “one of the most destabilising actors in the world”.

The U.NA also said Muscat would hold talks with the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Nam, “at the highest level”.

North Korean state media, however, have repeatedly called for Muscat to visit the isolated nation.

In January, the U,S., South Korea and Japan launched 59 Tomahawk missiles into North Korea to retaliate against the country’s nuclear tests.

Muscat has met with Trump at least nine times since taking office in January 2017, including on a trip to Washington DC last month.