What you need to know about the central issue

In a speech to Israeli students on the central coast of Israel on Thursday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel’s security needs to be protected and that the security situation on the coast was one of the most urgent issues facing the country.

Netanyahu addressed a group of Israeli teenagers in the village of Tiberias, near the port of Haifa.

“You are young and very patriotic, and I am sure you would do anything to protect your homeland,” Netanyahu said.

“Your mother, father, brothers, sisters, your neighbors and your countrymen would do the same thing.”

Netanyahu made the speech during a lecture to the students.

He said the security concerns of the Jewish state have been heightened because of terrorist attacks and attacks against Israelis.

“This year, there have been more than 60 terrorist attacks on Israel, including attacks that have targeted civilians, including a bombing that killed a teacher and a security guard,” he said.

The government is concerned that terrorists will use the new wave of attacks to escalate attacks on Israeli civilians, he said, adding that “we must act quickly to counter such attacks.”

Netayim, a town in the Negev Desert in southern Israel, is known for its high levels of unemployment and poverty.

In the past, it has been a target for terrorist attacks.

A car bomb targeting a bus station in January killed nine people.

Netayib, which is located near the border with Egypt, has seen some of the worst attacks in recent years, as well as the deaths of many civilians, and many Israelis have fled the area to avoid attacks.