Bitcoin is on the verge of a central lock down

Bitcoin is in an all-time high right now, with a surge in activity, as the digital currency enters its third week of the year.

But as of Thursday, the price has hit a new all-timer high.

The cryptocurrency is trading around $3,600, up about 2.8% since Friday morning, according to CoinDesk’s data.

That’s nearly three times its current price, and up from around $1,700 at the beginning of the month.

The price hit a record high in early November, but it has since declined back to its pre-fork low.

It is the biggest surge in Bitcoin’s history.

This is due to the Bitcoin blockchain’s ability to scale quickly.

Bitcoin is a virtual currency that uses cryptography to ensure transactions cannot be reversed, a feature that makes it the only digital asset that has not been hacked.

That means Bitcoin transactions can now be processed by anyone with an internet connection.

That hasn’t stopped some people from buying Bitcoin, which is a very risky investment, and others from holding on to it, which means they are holding on for a long time.

Those are known as “central locking” issues.

It’s a long and complicated process for the miners, and a lot of people have lost money in this process.

In the past few days, some people have been holding on by selling bitcoins to cover the losses.

This has created a panic in the Bitcoin market.

Bitcoin was trading above $5,000 in early January, but by Wednesday, the value was around $2,000.

Today, the cryptocurrency is traded at a high of about $4,000, or just over half of what it was in early 2017.

There’s a lot riding on the price, as well.

It could go up even more, depending on the strength of the market, and if Bitcoin’s adoption continues to soar.

There is a big difference between a bubble and a bear market.

In both cases, there’s a bubble that quickly bursts, and then there’s another one that is just around the corner.

When that happens, the market will crash and people will lose money.

In a bear case, the bubble bursts and there’s an actual crash, but not as big as a crash like this.

It could be that there’s just a lot more people out there buying the digital coin.

That would mean more buyers and sellers, and that would increase the value of Bitcoin.

This would make Bitcoin’s market even more valuable.

There are also some negative side effects of central locking.

The digital currency is a great way to make money, but its popularity can also make it risky for criminals and hackers to mine the cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency on the rise, either.

Ether, the second most valuable cryptocurrency, has surged more than 50% since last week.

And Ethereum Classic, the first and smallest cryptocurrency, is up nearly 60% over the past week.