What You Need to Know About The Next ‘Sophos’ Show (And Why It’s Being Canceled)

This article first appeared on MTV News.

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Sophia’s “Punk Rock” was the buzzy, provocative, and wildly popular comedy show that made the network a household name.

And now, it’s being canceled.

The show, which aired for seven seasons on HBO, was created by Seth Meyers, who has written the best-selling books “How I Met Your Mother” and “The Big Bang Theory.” 

Meyers has been a huge fan of the show for years, and when he found out that the show was being cancelled, he had to make the call himself. 

“It was a tough decision,” Meyers told The New York Times.

And I don’t think I could have gone through with it.” “

I’m not an angry person, but it was hard to see my daughter’s favorite show ending.

And I don’t think I could have gone through with it.” 

The decision was made easier for Meyers because he was already working on another project, a TV show that would bring him more time to focus on his wife, actress Emma Stone. 

In January, Meyers announced the news on Twitter: “The great @SethMeyers is leaving The Tonight Show.

The future of the late Seth Meyerson and his show, Punk Rock, is uncertain.


“Punk” was a hit, but Meyers says that he didn’t see the show as a long-term career move.

He also said that the decision to cancel was “a little bit of a shock,” and that the reason for it was because “we didn’t know how the show would end.” 

After the show ended, Meyers had to start thinking about his career, which was still in limbo.

“It’s been a little bit weird,” he told The Hollywood Reporter.

“Because, at the time, I had the option to keep working with [creator] Craig Kilborn.

But I didn’t want to do that, because I’m going to be doing something that I’m really passionate about, so I didn”t want to leave that behind. 

It was also tough for Meyans family because his older daughter, Emma Stone, is a huge “Punch-Drunk Love” fan.

She was asked about the decision when she was promoting the Netflix series “Piercing Edge” at the Television Critics Association press tour.

“Seth is a great guy and I really miss him, but he’s also the kind of guy who wants to go out and do what he loves and do his thing,” she said. 

Meyers has said that he would have liked to continue producing “Punks” after the show’s seven seasons ended, and he also told The Huffington Post that the cancellation of the comedy show could have been a good thing for him.

“When you’re writing a show that’s already done, there’s a sense of momentum and the possibility of a long run, and that was a nice thing for me to have,” he said.

“If I could keep doing the shows, that would have been nice.

But the reality is, I don”t know if I’m doing anything else. 

The show has not had an official cancellation yet, and Meyers said that “Punker Rock” could be renewed for another season. 

There is one thing that Meyers could do with “Poker,” which he was working on, if he could get the show renewed for a second season.

“That”s one of the projects he’s currently working on.

Meyers’ comedy partner on “P Punk Rock” is writer/producer/actor Adam McKay. 

On the set of “Punky,” Meyrs father, actor Adam McKay, was spotted working on his son’s character. 

Michele Ahern/Getty Images The cancellation of “Sophies” is another blow for Meyer, who says that “the network has been incredibly supportive of me.” 

As part of the network’s plan to launch the “S.O.S.” brand in 2016, Meyer told the Hollywood Reporter that “I’m very excited about the possibilities for that brand.

It’s not just a branding thing; it’s a very different kind of brand, and it’s the kind that we feel has to do with more empowerment and more empowerment.” 

He also said he hopes that his daughter will be able to continue to enjoy the show.

“She’s the first kid in my family to grow up with this show, and she loves it, so that’s going to mean a lot to her,” Meyer said.