Ireland’s central heat system ‘critical’ for safety and stability

An internal Irish government report has confirmed that central heating systems in Ireland have been deemed ‘critical for the safety and security of the population’.

The report by the National Heat and Power Authority, which was issued on Wednesday, said there is a need for a ‘proper and well-thought out response to the impact of extreme heat on residents’ safety and wellbeing’.

The Irish Times understands the report will be formally tabled in the coming days.

A number of Irish newspapers reported on the report and the subsequent coverage of the government’s response to a recent spate of fatal heat-related deaths, including that of a man in Dublin.

The report noted that ‘the most significant risk to the public and to the wellbeing of the citizens is the increased risk of heat-induced illness and death due to the rapid deterioration of heat systems and the associated impacts on public health and welfare’.

However, the report noted: ‘In addition, there are other potential risks that could impact public health as well as public welfare and safety’.

The government will respond to the report by presenting a detailed response to it at the end of September.