Chipotle’s ‘biggest threat’ is to global security

Chipotle, the world’s largest restaurant chain, announced on Thursday that it will close its restaurants in six major markets in the United States and Canada by the end of 2018.

The company also plans to shutter its popular Chipotle Mexican Grill in Chicago and its Chipotle Express restaurant in Milwaukee.

In an interview with CNN, Chipotle CEO Steve Ells said that the chain will be shutting down in seven markets: Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Washington D.C. The chain’s website has more details.

Ells said the chain plans to close down its restaurants across the country because of growing competition.

He said that Chipotle is losing customers because of the rise in Mexican food, which it considers an import, and that the company is now trying to grow its business in the U.S.

Elles said that he doesn’t think the U:S.

will be the last of the chain’s losses.

He also said that it is not an easy decision.

“If it weren’t for the economic factors, I don’t think I would have taken this decision,” he said.


said that his company was “working on a way to bring in new revenue to support the continued growth of our business.”