More than 30 cases linked to vac system

Two new coronavirus cases have been linked to the VAS system, the main method of monitoring and controlling respiratory illnesses in hospitals.

Two patients were found to have a negative VAS test, according to the National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases, or CDC.

The two cases involved a 51-year-old man who died in a Dallas hospital and a 46-year, 7-year woman who was hospitalized in Dallas, the CDC said.

The Dallas nurse and her son were found in a VAS unit at an apartment complex on Tuesday and were later diagnosed with the virus.

They were in isolation until Friday.

Both had negative tests at the CDC, and a third patient had positive tests.

The CDC said the hospital has notified health care providers that the two patients were exposed to the virus in the VAST system and are being tested for the virus, a method of rapid testing that uses the patient’s blood.

A patient who tests positive and is sent to a hospital, for example, would be placed in a rapid-test room where they would be tested daily.

Both cases are in isolation at the hospital, but it’s unclear how long they will remain there.

The first patient, a 51, died Tuesday at the Texas Medical Center in Dallas.

The second patient, who was in the Dallas hospital on Tuesday, died Friday.

The Texas Department of State Health Services confirmed Friday that two patients had tested positive for the coronaviruses.

Both tested positive in Dallas and were sent to the same hospital.

The two new cases have led to a public health crisis.

The Dallas hospital said on Thursday that the hospital is taking a “massive” step to contain the virus and to provide additional staff and support.

In the first case, a 21-year old man died from the virus Friday, according the Dallas Morning News.

The hospital has said that it is “monitoring all patients who were in the facility at the time of the death, and will take action to prevent any further spread of the virus.”

The hospital said the man’s death was due to respiratory failure.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings called the deaths “a tragedy.”