A Central Coast MP wants to see ‘more transparency’ around ‘centralized issues’

Posted November 14, 2018 04:13:04 An MP wants a change in government law to force the Australian Government to reveal how it plans to fund its infrastructure projects.

Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy Opposition Leader, Matthew Guy, says the government has not revealed the details of the proposed changes to the Transport Infrastructure and Investment Corporation (TIFIC).

“We need to be very transparent and the public needs to be assured that the Government has all the information needed to make informed decisions about where our infrastructure should go,” Mr Guy said.

“This is not a political debate, this is a fundamental decision about where we are going to build our future.”

The TIFIC currently provides $12.5 billion for the construction of infrastructure across Australia, with a $2 billion allocation for infrastructure projects in Sydney and Melbourne.

Mr Guy is calling for a change to the TIFICT legislation to require the Government to make public how the projects will be funded.

The Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development, Stephen Conroy, has previously said the Government was “committed to transparency in all areas of infrastructure”.

Mr Guy says a public review of TIFICS funding should also be undertaken. “

In the event the Government is unable to obtain this information, the Minister will have the power to consult with the Australian Parliament and appropriate committees before making any decision.”

Mr Guy says a public review of TIFICS funding should also be undertaken.

“We have had a lot of questions raised by citizens about how TIFs are being used, and what they are actually paying for,” he said.