Oregon issues ban on public display of guns, but ban does not cover magazines

The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to rule on whether Oregon can require gun retailers to show customers where their weapons are kept or how many guns they keep.

Oregon’s law was put into place in December 2014 after the Oregon Legislature passed a package of gun safety measures.

The measure bans guns in enclosed spaces such as bathrooms, locked cars, homes and school buildings, and prohibits anyone who owns a gun from keeping it at home.

It also prohibits people who have a restraining order against someone from having it removed from their home.

The ban is based on the National Rifle Association’s 1994 National Firearms Act.

It allows for gun retailers who have complied with other states to display guns in locations where they store guns, or in locked boxes or crates, or at locations where guns are stored in public or in places where guns have been transported, or stored in the presence of children.

It allows gun retailers that have complied in the past to display the guns at locations that are accessible to people with disabilities, and to provide them with a means of accessing them.

In a ruling Monday, the court will decide whether Oregon’s law is constitutional.

In January, the Supreme Court upheld a lower court ruling that said the ban on guns was constitutional, but the high court did not make a ruling on whether to hear the case.