Chipotle, Central Issue, Issues Manager on Central Ethics Issues

Chipotle announced that it will not accept any more of the central ethical issues that have been the focus of the company’s internal ethics investigations.The company announced the decision in a blog post Friday.“As a result, we have decided not […]

How to handle the COVID-19 crisis in the Central Valley

By Matt JohnsonAssociated PressA group of lawyers and academics is arguing that the California courts should ignore a federal court ruling that the Central California Earthquake Insurance Program must reimburse homeowners and businesses who were injured by the quake.The suit, […]

‘Not all of these’ are white: ‘I have to find a way to explain’ why people are angry

As the president faces backlash over his decision to cancel a rally in Chicago, many in the country are wondering if his policies on race and policing are resonating.Politico reported Monday that “there are few, if any, signs” that President […]

New legal challenges to central bank issued notes: Legal challenges move ahead

NEW YORK — A federal judge in New York has dismissed a lawsuit filed by a woman who alleged she was pressured into a false confession by the Central Bank of Kenya, saying the alleged coercion was not criminal.In a […]