When does the Central Park Conservancy issue its “central issue” facility?

New York City Parks and Recreation announced Tuesday that the Conservancy will hold its first public event since it opened the Central, the park’s newest facility, on Thursday.

“We’re thrilled to bring you the inaugural event of the ‘Central Issue’ program,” the agency said in a press release.

“We’ll be holding the first-ever public event on the Central Issue site, and it will provide an opportunity to share stories, stories about how the Central has changed, and stories about the incredible people and stories that are still making the park great.”

“We hope that our event will inspire and inspire the next generation of New Yorkers,” Parks and Rec Director David M. Schulz said in the release.

“When we first announced the Central issue, we were thrilled that New Yorkers were so engaged, and that we were able to reach more people and bring more stories to light,” Parks & Rec President Jon Schreiber said in an interview.

“What the event is about is building community, building trust, and building a culture of exploration that’s inclusive, open and inviting,” Schreber said.

“Our hope is that it will be a great opportunity to connect with people who are just starting out, who have not heard about the Central and want to experience the park, and who are interested in being a part of this historic site,” Schriemer said.

For the event, Parks & Recreation is offering “exclusive” and “pre-booked” tickets for $99.95, with discounts available for members of the public.

The event will include:A special tour of the Central.

An interview with the Central’s new curator, and an introduction to the new program.

A talk by one of the park�s founding commissioners, a community tour with the museum’s curator and a walk through the park.

An open house and discussion of the new project, including a public reading by an architect, the story behind the Centrals construction and the Central�s original design.

The Conservancy’s “Central Issue” program, launched in 2007, is a collaboration between the park and New York State to provide people with “more stories” about the park while providing access to the park for people who may not be familiar with it.

In its announcement, Parks and Resorts cited the recent flood damage in New Orleans, where the Central had its biggest rebuild in decades, as a reason to be more open to the public, which is often a barrier to visiting.

“The Central is a site where many of us still have so much to learn, and we’re working to help build a community of people who want to see the park again,” Schruiber said.

“There’s a tremendous amount of history here that is unique, but we want to do everything we can to make it accessible to as many people as possible.”

Parks & Rec said it is also working to develop “a cultural narrative of the place,” which it said will be available on social media.

The Central’s newest renovation, which began in December, is scheduled to be completed by 2019.