How did this happen? | Opinion

An Israeli soldier killed a Palestinian teenager and injured six others during an incident that took place on the streets of occupied East Jerusalem on Thursday night.

The Palestinian teenager was killed during clashes with Israeli forces following the attack on the occupied West Bank city of Hebron.

The young man was a civilian from the Hebron area, which has been under the control of Israel since 1967.

Israel has repeatedly used excessive force in recent months in its ongoing war against the Palestinian people, which is seen as a war crime by international standards.

The Israeli army, which claimed to have carried out the attack, was also involved in the violence.

The Israeli army said in a statement on Thursday that it responded to a call to action on the scene, after the Israeli forces “attacked a Palestinian civilian and wounded him.”

The Israeli military said in the statement that the wounded man “had his hands and feet restrained by IDF soldiers.”

The statement did not specify the number of injuries.

The incident took place in Hebron’s Old City, an area occupied by Israel since the 1967 Six Day War.

The incident occurred after Israeli forces opened fire on a group of youths in Hebrons neighborhood of Nabi Saleh, injuring six others.

The injured young man later died at the hospital.

Israel claimed it acted “out of self-defense.”

The wounded Palestinian youth, identified as Mohammad Abu Khdeir, was shot in the abdomen and his hand and foot were also injured, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health said the injuries were serious and he is in critical condition.

Israeli forces said they used tear gas to disperse the crowd and that three soldiers were wounded.

The wounded soldiers were treated at the scene and released, the statement said.

An Israeli army spokesperson told the Jerusalem Post that the army has launched an investigation into the incident.

Israel’s Channel 10 news reported that the soldiers were taken into custody.

The IDF did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Jerusalem News.

The Jerusalem Police Department did not respond to an inquiry.

Israeli news site Ynet reported that several of the injured were hospitalized in serious condition.

The report did not provide further details.

The IDF said the soldiers had their hands and legs restrained, but the military did not say if the wounded person was armed.

Palestinian youth, who are members of a Palestinian youth group that is affiliated with Hamas, were arrested following the incident, Ynet said.

The organization called on Israeli authorities to release the youths immediately, saying they were trying to “defend themselves and their rights.”

“We have no other alternative than to call for their immediate release,” the Palestinian Youth Coordinating Committee said in its statement on Friday.

The statement also called for a “national day of rage” against the Israeli occupation.

The group said it was a “direct violation of the law of the land.”