The best and worst of ‘The Middle,’ a new HBO documentary series

HBO has picked up a project that’s set to become a hit with critics and audiences alike: The Middle.

The project, which was recently picked up for two seasons in the US, will take the story of the middle class through the years and explores the ways we as a society can create and maintain a strong middle class.

The documentary, titled The Middle, will be available on HBO on March 21.

The Middle is an anthology of three feature-length films about the lives of middle-class people: one, The American Dream, which is set in New York City, the other, The Long Road to Wealth, which focuses on the lives and experiences of a couple in the middle-income class of New York.

The third film, which HBO says will be released this fall, is a documentary on the family of a middle-aged New York woman named Emily.

The two films, The Middle and The Long Way to Wealth are currently being produced by David Mamet.

The first feature-film adaptation of Mamet’s novel The American, which Mamet won the Pulitzer Prize for in 2009, is slated to be released on March 23.

The series also follows the life of an artist whose mother was a teacher in a public elementary school in New Jersey.

“I think that this is a very interesting way to tell the story,” Mamet said in a statement.

“It has a very personal touch and I think it’s important to be able to give it a narrative structure.

We have a lot of people who have been working on this film for a long time, but there is this idea that this will be a one-shot.

It will be something new for people to see.”

In a press release, HBO said the series will be an “exhaustive look at what it means to be a middle class family” and a “dynamic portrait of middle class life in America.”

The Middle will also include interviews with people who work in middle- and upper-income jobs in New England and the Midwest.