What you need to know about a new security breach at a central government agency

What you should know about an incident that’s causing a major breach at the Department of Finance.


A new central government employee at the department is the subject of a cyber security breach.

A new central employee at Government Digital Services has been the subject in a security breach that has left the department scrambling to find new employees.

The breach affects the department’s IT operations and could affect its ability to handle future cyber attacks.

The department has been alerted by the Australian Federal Police and Federal Police Commissioner Andrew Colvin.

A spokeswoman for Colvin said the Department would continue to work with the relevant authorities, including the Australian Cybercrime Centre.

The spokeswoman said the incident had been reported to the Australian Secret Intelligence Service and that the Department was working with authorities.

She said the breach occurred on November 10 and involved a “suspected hack of a key organisation”, the department said.

“The Department of Defence is committed to providing high-quality cybersecurity services to the Government of Australia, including our cyber infrastructure,” she said.

It is not clear who the alleged hack was or what was accessed.

The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, which handles the Department’s cyber security and cybersecurity strategy, did not respond to questions about the incident.

What you need read about a cybersecurity breach at central government agencies.1The breach has been reported as a security incident to the Department and it is now being assessed and assessed.

“At this stage, we do not believe the breach affected any government business,” the spokeswoman said.

Ms O’Connor said the department had been advised of the breach but had not been told why it occurred.

“We are working with the authorities and will continue to do so,” she told ABC Radio’s AM.

“It has happened on a government organisation and it has occurred on a key entity that we are working closely with.”

The department said it had already begun to address the breach.

It has identified three potential security breaches that could affect the department.

The first breach occurred in November 2017 and involved the department purchasing a software product for $1.2 million, which could be affected by the breach, Ms O’Brien said.

The second breach occurred at the end of November 2017, involving a software program that could be used to access data, but Ms O.

Brien said that would not affect the breach because that would involve an individual who was not in contact with the department or the department was able to recover the data.

The third breach occurred late last month, and involved an employee of the department who was accessing the department servers for a second time.

Ms Hird said it was too early to tell how serious the breach was.

“Right now, we don’t know what happened to the person who was involved in the second breach,” she warned.

“This is something we are investigating, but right now it is not yet clear whether there is a connection to this third breach.”