When NHL stars will return to ice in 2017-18

The NHL has announced its players will return for at least five more seasons after a lockout-shortened 2017-2018 season that saw the league’s most-used stars go the bulk of the year without playing.

The NHL has also announced that the league will extend its partnership with the NBA to a decade and that the union will provide a new “NHL.com” website.

The league’s announcement comes just days after the league unveiled a partnership with Facebook, a social network that offers fans the opportunity to post and interact with their favorite players.

The league announced the new partnership with FB last week and the partnership is set to go live on Oct. 6.

The league will also start providing a Facebook Live video feed that will be available to fans in 2018-19.

Players will be able to post comments and photos to their Facebook accounts on the new platform.

The partnership will help the league reach out to fans across the world.

The players’ union said it will use the partnership to promote the league and its brands.

“The players have already made the commitment to the union that they will play, the league has made that commitment, the NHL is very much committed to the players and their desire to play,” union spokesman Tom Fitzgerald said.

Facebook and the NHL were among the first players to sign on for the partnership.

While it’s unclear how long the partnership will last, the union said the league is confident the players will continue to play and that it will continue working to make the union a better place.

“We will be working together to promote and expand the NHL and its brand and its value, and the union has already made that clear to the league,” Fitzgerald said in a statement.

“In fact, we are going to be announcing additional partnerships to increase the reach of the league on the social web.

The players will get to return to the ice in 2019-20 when the NHL begins its new contract.”

We look forward to continuing to work together and providing the best possible support to our players in their continued pursuit of a Stanley Cup.”

The players will get to return to the ice in 2019-20 when the NHL begins its new contract.