When will the government be ready for the NBN?

When will we know if NBN Co will have enough staff to handle the new network?

The Government has been accused of having no plan for the rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN) as it comes under the microscope, with some calling for the project to be scrapped altogether.

One of the key sticking points is the issue of how to deliver the NBN’s fibre to the premises (FTTP) to remote areas.

The Government says it will be ready to provide FTTP service to remote communities within four years, but it has been repeatedly criticised by the Opposition and many experts as a “waste of money”.

The Opposition’s NBN spokesperson Adam Bandt says the Government needs to have a plan in place to make sure people can be connected to the NBN.

“If we don’t have a viable plan, we’re not going to get the NBN right,” he said.

“The government’s got to have some sort of plan in the pipeline.

We need to know if they’re going to have the staff that they need to be able to do the job.”

The Opposition has also been calling for a full public consultation on the NBN before the rollout is complete, which would allow for a clear picture of the rollout.

The Coalition has been criticised for not conducting a full, public consultation, despite being the party with the most votes in Parliament.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics released its latest data last week, revealing that NBN Co had lost $1.1 billion on the rollout, while the Coalition lost $2.2 billion.

The NBN has faced a series of setbacks in recent years, including a major outage in July that was blamed on a fault in its power grid.

The outage also led to an investigation into the management of the network by the Department of Communications.

The report said that although the network has improved over the last five years, the department was still struggling to meet the needs of customers.