What is the central issue definition?

In its latest edition, the government has decided to define what is the basic definition of central issue.

“The central issue of the country should not be limited to issues like pollution, crime, health, food, electricity or transport,” the document states.

The definition is meant to address people’s expectations on what is a central issue in their country and is intended to guide government policies.

It does not contain a clear definition on whether the central issues include any issues related to governance, corruption or other areas.

The document also provides an explanation of the central questions that should be addressed by the government.

The document notes that the central question is the problem of governance, and it also lists the issues that are considered “core” and the others “particular”.

It states that the country is facing a lot of issues like the current situation in the country, climate change, economic growth, inflation, the economy, land reform, land acquisition, environment, water, security and human rights.

It also mentions a list of “core issues”, which includes poverty, corruption, climate, land, water and security.