How to handle racism in South Africa

The African National Congress says it will not back down in the face of racism after the murder of an elderly woman and the wounding of two others in the southern city of Cape Town.

Key points:South Africa’s ANC party says it has no choice but to be united against racism and discriminationIn a statement on Sunday, the party said the killing of a woman, the wounding on Sunday of a man and the “vicious attacks” on a third man in the city’s south central district of Pimlico are “acts of terrorism”The statement comes after a white police officer was arrested in connection with the attack, which was filmed and uploaded on social media.

“We have no choice.

We cannot retreat from the issues that confront us, we cannot abandon the fight against racism,” the ANC said in a statement.”

The ANC will not abandon this fight, the fight for equality and the fight to protect our democracy,” it said.”

But in this fight we must not become complacent or timid.

We must stand up for what we believe in and not let our hearts break.”

The ANC also vowed to continue its fight against the “unconstitutional, anti-democratic, racist and xenophobic measures” that are being introduced by the state.

“For the ANC, the state must respect our democratic rights and dignity, as well as the rights of others,” the statement said.

The attack on the elderly woman was captured on video and posted on the social media site Facebook on Sunday night.

In a video, a man is seen with his hand on the victim’s throat and he then screams as the other man is shot in the head.

The man who shot him, who was later arrested, faces charges of murder.

“It was a cowardly attack, he should have known better than to shoot him,” the man who recorded the attack told police.

The video also showed an older woman, in her 70s, lying on the ground bleeding from the head and chest.

“This is not a crime.

This is a hate crime,” she said.

A statement from the South African Police Service said officers had arrested the man in connection to the attack.

The police chief of Pimpana in the south central town of Zwane said police were investigating the video.

Police said the video was not a hate video.

“At the moment we are not looking for anyone else involved in the crime but we are looking into the circumstances surrounding this video,” Pimpaxa police chief Piers van der Ploeg told AFP news agency.

The ANC said it has “no choice but in the midst of this violence and this violence against our members we have to stand up to those who do not represent us.”

“The only solution is unity,” the party’s national secretary, Thuli Madonsela, told the Associated Press news agency on Sunday.

“That is what is at stake, that is why we are saying that we will not compromise.”

Madonseli, who is also the ANC’s national spokesman, also said the party will fight for its future, as it struggles with the election in June.

“No party in South African history has fought for the liberation of its people.

It has been a struggle against oppression,” he said.